Halloween Dog Costume Tips

Another Halloween has come and gone and since we don’t have our own kids to torture, we like to dress up our pups every year for Halloween. The experience does not go over well with the pups. We’ve failed two years in a row to get the costumes to stay on our pups and in once piece, so I’ve compiled a list of tips for fellow dog owners who are already planning their dog costumes for next year.

Please don't make up dress up for Halloween again!

Please don’t make up dress up for Halloween again!

1. Buy the larger size

Dog costume sizes are not accurate. Twice, I’ve purchased the incorrect size for Cannoli, our medium-sized dog. She is 28 pounds, which classifies her as medium-size. However, both years the costume was too small and I had to wrangle it around her body to get it to fit. Vita, is 65 pounds so she is considered large. I was concerned the large would be too small so I up-sized to extra large and it fit her perfectly. You don’t want your poor babies squeezing into costumes a size too small. That is reserved for sorority girls who only eat pea green soup the week of Halloween so they can fit into their borderline prostitute leather outfit. Disclaimer: I’ve been that girl. Don’t force your dogs to go through that.

Mom this outfit is way too tight!

Mom this outfit is way too tight!

2. Keep it Cheap

Let’s be honest…we already spend too much money on our fur babies between Bark Boxes, obedience school, shots, emergency vet trips on Sunday nights, seasonal wardrobe changes and all-natural grain free puppy chow that is more expensive than your own food. We don’t need to pull out the big bucks for dog Halloween costumes. Big Lots has a large selection and the prices range between $10-$15 dollars. Save your doggie change for the big items and don’t feel guilty about being cheap for your dog’s Halloween costume. They hate wearing it anyways…

Mom dresses me in clothes from Big Lots

Mom dresses me in clothes from Big Lots. How can I show my face at the dog park?

3. No Hoods

I’ve tried two years in a row to dress my dogs up in cute costumes with hoods. This year they were penguins and the year before they were a ladybug and bumblebee. The girls hated the hoods on their  ears and would rip off each other’s hoods tugging at their bug antennas or penguin beaks. Select costumes that wrap around the body and nothing that comes near their heads as they will find a way to rip it off.

Costume fail

Costume fail

4.  When all else fails…buy a Fall sweater

If your pet seems miserable in an ornate Halloween costume, but you want the whole family to be festive, buy a Fall doggie sweater. Petco and PetSmart have a great collection and you can get more wear out of festive sweaters versus dog costumes. And if you live up North, the sweaters keep your pups nice and warm during walks. We will likely be investing in pumpkin sweaters next year as Cannoli and Vita have had enough of Halloween dog costumes.

Over it...

Over it…

Have you had success dressing  your pup up for Halloween?


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