Favorite Netflix Documentaries

In my past blog titled “5 Signs You’re A Newlywed,” staying in on a Friday night to watch Netflix was one of the first major signs. My husband and I gave up cable in February and Friday night has become Netflix date night.  We have discovered amazing shows including Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Marco Polo, Parks and Recreation and many more.


Recently, we’ve channeled our inner nerd and have become obsessed with watching Netflix documentaries. We started our transition to nerdville by first watching the 30 for 30 ESPN series. All of the 30 for 30 showare incredibly well done and addicting to watch. One of the best I’ve seen is June 17, 1994. It’s not a traditional narrated documentary and instead allows the footage to tell the story of the O.J. Simpson high speed chased that coincidentally happened on the same day as several major sporting events. The ESPN documentaries eventually led us to exploring other documentaries Netflix offers and now we are hooked.

Below are my favorite documentaries on Netflix.

20-feet-from-stardom_1. 20 Feet from Stardom

This documentary follows the challenges and struggles of the “back up” singer. It covers the full history of back up singers and has a killer soundtrack. Ever wonder about the voices behind the major pop and rock stars? You’ll discover a new world of hidden talent and struggles of these powerful singers.

2. Ballerina70113671

I have two left feet so I’ve always been fascinated by the dance world. I wish I had the grace and strength of those perfect ballerinas. The documentary, Ballerina follows five Russian ballerinas. It’s not a flashy documentary, but it showcases the strict and disciplined world of Russian ballet from admissions to ballet academies to promotion to prima ballerina. Pass on Black Swan and learn about the real world of the best ballerinas in the business.

3. Hot Girls Wanted

I’m a big fan of Rashida Jones and when I learned she produced Hot Girls Wanted, I immediately wanted to check out the film. This documentary is one of the darker ones on Netflix as it provides a look into the world of amateur porn. The majority of subjects followed are 18-19 years old and they have just entered the world of amateur pornography. The typical shelf-life of amateurs is 1-2 months. It’s compelling storytelling and was a big hit at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s not light watching so I wouldn’t recommend it for a Friday night date night but it’s worth checking out.

800183314. Antarctica: A Year On Ice 

Ever wonder who lives in the most remote part of the planet? You’d be surprised to learn about a community of people that live and work in Antarctica. At first, I only imagined scientist living in this cold region, but the documentary explores the lives of the cooks, administrators, retailers, etc. who work at the stations. The most interesting part of the documentary is witnessing the day-to-day lives of these people and why they love living in their tiny freezing community. The scenery is also breathtaking and is reason enough to check out the film.

5. Dogs on the Inside

I’m a big dog lover so I immediately wanted to check out the documentary, Dogs on the Inside. The documentary follows the relationship between dogs and prison inmates. Sweet homeless dogs, some of have been abandoned or abused, are paired with qualifying inmates who are in the final months before their release dates. It’s a heartwarming film that shows the powerful relationship between dogs and humans and how together, with the right love and care, dogs can be used to help us recover from our past trauma.

Have you checked out any of the documentaries on Netflix? What are your favorite films?


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