5 Signs You’re A Newlywed

It’s been a little over three months  since Chad and I said the big “I do’s” and we’ve had the best summer as newlyweds enjoying our little beach town.  Along the way, we’ve had several moments of realization that, “we are so married right now.” The transition from “dating” to “engaged” to “married” is not always smooth, so my preferred way of dealing with life changes is to keep the humor. In honor of Chad and I being “so married” I’d like to share my “5 Signs You’re a Newlywed.”

1. Friday Nights are Netflix Nights

There was a time I’d rarely stayed in Friday night. I’d anxiously watch the office clock so I’d could bolt out the door for happy hour or to get home to start the pregame for a night on the town. Now that I’m a keep piece of a sweet old married duo, our Friday night dilemma is deciding who gets to pick the Netflix series or movie. We cook dinner, down a bottle or two of wine (that’s me), and curl up with the puppies on the couch. Currently, we are in the middle of Bloodline and it’s one of the best shows we’ve watched on Netflix, besides House of Cards and Breaking Bad. I highly recommend it to all the married couples who need a new show for their Friday night date nights. For the rest of the young crowd, keep doing your thing out on the town. Netflix will still be around when you get married.

Friday Night Netflix Night


2. The “Marriage 15” Appears

First comes the ring, then comes starvation. Second comes marriage, then comes the “marriage 15.” According to the Urban Dictionary, the “marriage 15” is when a newly-married person (usually female) gains 15 lbs soon after the wedding–often not working out and eating too much. Typically before the big day, brides will go to extreme lengths to reach their weight loss goals. I was intense for a time period right before the wedding and then I became lazy a few weeks before and hooked up a Chardonnay IV to my arm to provide the necessary nutrients. Now that we live in married bliss, Chad and I realized the scale was tipping in the wrong direction. The “marriage 15” is not a myth and it sneaks up if you aren’t watching. Chad and I are fighting the battle of the bulge — well, more me than him anyways. Oh well, he is stuck with me now…

Marriage 15


3. The Baby Question

“So…..when are you having kids?” Every newlywed deals with this question as soon as you slip on the ring. We’ve gotten the question a few times, but in all honestly it hasn’t been too bad probably because my friends and family know that I’m not exactly the most maternal female on the planet. We still get the question now and then and I’ve been practicing really crazy responses to say to people. Chad is mortified when I do this, but I enjoy getting a rise out of people when they ask me silly questions. I might share some of the weird responses I’ve said to people in a future blog post. Chad and I want to have babies some day, but our sweet puppies are all we can handle right now.

Evil Raccoon


4. There is No “I” in Team

There are several marriage steps following the nuptials including the name change, combining finances, building budgets together, major life decisions, etc. It’s an adjustment learning to tackle life as a team but it’s the best way to do it. You realize it’s no longer “I”, its “we”, “us”, “our.”  When talking with friends, I catch myself saying “we feel this way” or “let me talk to my husband about it.” Also, as a newlywed I now have a partner in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. When choosing a partner, it should be one of the key qualifications. I unfortunately failed my zombie survival quiz.  However, Chad has good survival instincts so combined, I predict we’d last at least a month…

Zombie Life Partner


5. It’s the Best of Times

I thought I’d have post-wedding blues during the first couple months of newlywed life. But I’m loving every minute of it. Chad’s my BFF and I’m very proud to be his wifey. Even though we both have stressful jobs, our team motto is to live everyday like a vacation. We try to make mundane daily activities fun whether its a trip to the grocery store, a night on the couch with the pups or cleaning the house. Not everyday is perfect, but our goal is to keep the newlywed bliss going strong for the next fifty years. Or at least until the zombie apocalypse…


How do you keep the newlywed feeling going?


4 thoughts on “5 Signs You’re A Newlywed

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  2. The freshness of being newly married only lasts as long as you allow it. Most people call it a phase that you grow out of after two year or three years but that’s not true. You have to keep dating each other after the vows. You have to keep caring about your appearance because you want them to look at you and think Dang, I’m lucky and vice versa. We just ignore people when they start telling us that we need to start thinking about buying a house or having kids or anything that doesn’t fall in our plan for Our marriage. We know ourselves and live in a way that works for us, not going with some traditional plan that leads to misery because we have to spend all our free time fixing and maintaining the junk we bought that’s supposed to prove that we are established.
    Keep the new feeling alive!

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