Welcome to the Beach Life

If you told me a few years ago that I’d be living in a small North Carolina beach town, working from home and married to man with a thicker southern accent than Forrest Gump, I’d tell you that doesn’t sound very much like the Danielle I know. It actually sounds like the set-up of a Nicholas Sparks novel, which I’d likely read but would never imagine living. But here I am, a former city girl whose main priorities were trying to climb the corporate ladder and deciding where my daily happy hour spot would be downtown.  But God had greater plans for me including my wonderful husband, a life by the water and two silly puppies. Now my job and happy hour are still big priorities, but I’ve realized there is so much more to life. View More: http://rmphotographync.pass.us/danielle--chad

My goal with this blog is to document the fun of being a newlywed, my remote working experiences and adventures in our town, Ocean Isle Beach. People say this is the best time in our lives or as my coworkers call it – DINK (Double Income No Kids). Guess my hubby and I better enjoy it now and this blog will be something to capture our memories. Hope you enjoy!


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